Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A few thoughts

Just a few quick points to make following last weekend.

- Chelsea are now impressing me
- Stoke are also impressing me at times
- Alan Pardew seems to be able to work under any environment. Obviously its inevitable, but I just can't guess exactly what Mike Ashley has up his sleeve to make Pardew's life a misery over the next six months and force him away from the club in some manner or another.
- Bolton seem to be falling to pieces. After the most inspiring start to a season imaginable, they have gone from defeat to defeat. I can't make up in my mind what the future holds for them. I thought they had recovered from losing Elmander and Sturridge but perhaps their problems lie further back now. Not sure how much longer they can rely on Jaaskelainen.

Whatever it is, I hope there is no kneejerk reaction to sack Owen Coyle if it carries on over the next few games. They've had some seriously tough matches amongst their first 6 fixtures, and more than 3 or 4 points would have been counted as an achievement. Results haven't been the problem so far. Coyle still has to prove himself a viable top flight manager for me, but nothing has shown me he doesn't fully deserve the opportunity again this season.

I crossed the channel over the weekend by the way, and will be posting more updates soon on my whereabouts. Until now I have been too preoccupied with removing myself from Calais!
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